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Make money online by Creating Your ELECTRONIC Real Estate Portfolio in
30 Days.
Set Yourself Up for Life!

This is a Free Website to help
Real People make
Real Money.
Without all the Fluff.

In 30 days you will have created your own Electronic Real Estate Porfolio that will set you up for life with Multiple Passive Income Streams. Some Fast Daily Income. Some Long-term Residual Income.

We have simplied everything.

You will take 1 month of your life, work hard, set up multiple income streams, and then your ONE TIME effort will pay off Forever!


30 Days to an Electronic
Real Estate Empire

Most of these below are Online Electronic Real Estate methods you will use to set up Long-Term cheap or free Streams of Passive Income Electronic Real Estate.
However, you will first want to set up your DAILY PAY by clicking HERE to get cash flowing in fast!

This is my primary source of income and takes me less than 30 minutes a day.

Then if you need more short-term cash, then go to Job Ideas.
The Cash methods are Active Income.
They exchange your time & labor for money.

However, all of the steps BELOW are intended to be Long-term Passive Income. Think of them like sowing Acorn Seeds in the ground that eventually sprout up into a Lifetime of Residual Passive Income Streams.

Once you set them up, go live your life, and let money keep rolling in!
(This is a free site to you but may contain affiliate links &I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.:)  affiliate disclosure

Ready to Make Money Online? Whether it takes you 1 month or 6 months DON’T GIVE UP. Let’s Do This!

Day 1 Website

If you have not done so, first set up the

FAST CASH method by clicking HERE.

Once you finish setting that up, you will just take your first 30 minutes a day to work on that. Then you will start your 1 month of hard work developing these other long-term streams of income. After that you should be able to only have to work 1 hour per day!

Then create a second website (different than the Fast Cash site you created) by going to Siteground and then create a Blog
Your website will be your Central Spot for all your other Pieces of Electronic Real Estate you are about to create.
Create it one time and get paid Forever!
I used a done-for you template website from Siteground to quickly build my site using one of their Templates.
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 1 click HERE

Day 2 Ebooks

Use Bookbolt or Scribble to magically write
E-books in under
1 hour.

Go to Amazon to create a free KDP account to add those ebooks to.
It’s easy!

Create the ebook ONCE. Receive a Life-time of Reward!

The Bookbolt or Scribble Software makes it super simple but is not required, it just helps you create multiple Ebooks
fast with pre-built templates!
You can do it on Canva

For more Step-by-step Details on Day 2 click HERE

Day 3 Funnel

Go to GROOVEPAGES to set up your
FREE funnel.
This will put an all-inclusive system in place to capture all of your leads. Or create a
FREE funnel with it has less features but is also a good start!
Your funnel and subscriber list will eventually became one of your most VALUABLE assets!
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 3 click HERE

Day 4 Youtube

Create a YouTube Channel. You don’t need to show your face and just creating videos ONE-TIME (which will be online Forever) can be a serious source of Long-Term passive income! You can add the Affiliate Links you will be creating to each video for fast income.
Plus later get paid per view from YouTube and ads. Boost Your Video Rankings Fast with this Videly software.
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 4 click HERE

Day 5 Etsy

Create an Etsy Store. It’s super simple to create digital products, One-time, that will be online Forever making you Passive Income. Create baby shower announcements, coloring pages, planners, journals, etc. You can create and publish them in 1 day and never do anything on it again. Each listing is just 0.20 per month.
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 5 click HERE

Day 6 Tshirts

Create T-shirt designs one time. Create a design on Canva using (3873 x 4814 px) & download as a PNG. Connect Printify (free!) to your Etsy Store & your website. Upload your design to printify for free.
Let those designs generate income forever!
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 6 click HERE

Day 7 Ecourses

Create an Online Course. This is going to take more than 1 day. Use today to come up with an idea. Everyone knows something other people don’t. Watch youTube videos on course creation and research ideas today. Or hire someone on Fiverr to create a course for you!
Create the course one-time.
Reap the benefit for a Lifetime!
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 7 click HERE (coming soon)

Day 8 AudioBook

Create an Audio Book. Read the text out loud One Time, Earn Money from it Forever! You can also create a listing on Fiverr or Upwork to record audio and get paid great money!

For more Step-by-step Details on Day 8 click HERE

Day 9 Email

Set up your Auto Responder one-time to create one of your GREATEST Assets~an Email list. It will take you one day, but when someone is interested in your affiliate product, the messages will go out on Auto-Pilot the rest of your life!
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 9 click HERE

Day 10 Social Media AUTOPOSTING

Today you will take one of the most important steps to truly PASSIVE income so you can go enjoy your life! Set up your automated business social media accounts. Take one day, link them all up to your website, blog, and auto-responder. Use Outfy or PromoRepublic to AUTO POST to Social Media! Use TAILWIND to easily AUTO POST your products to PINTEREST!

Easily organize & schedule all of your social media posts! You will be able to maintain this from anywhere in the world!
Just get it set up today.
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 10 click HERE

Day 11 Canva

Create a Free Canva account to create amazing Thumbnails for your YouTube channel, Pinterest Pins, Instagram Posts that link to your website, blog, and affiliate links. Click on Youtube Thumbnail and create your thumbnails!
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 11 click HERE

Day 12 Videos


Practice using Video Editing software today. Watch videos to learn and get good at it!

Click HERE to check out Prezentar creation studio to learn how to easily create marketing videos, youTube videos, add transitions, add sound clips, trim clips, etc.

Just play around with it, pick a topic and start creating and editing.

Watch some YouTube Tutorials Videos today.

People love videos & motion!

Create the videos ONE-TIME and they will earn you money for a Lifetime!

For more Step-by-step Details on Day 12 click HERE (coming soon)

Day 13
Affiliate Links

Set up your Clickbank and WarriorPlus account. Narrow down which affiliate categories and products you like and could passionately link to. Write an article 1 time, it will be in Cyber Space forever to earn you recurring monthly commissions!
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 13 click HERE (coming soon)

Day 14
Affiliate Links

Set up your Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay Affiliate Accounts. You will then have Free Traffic to your ebooks, audio books, digital products, and tshirt designs that you created One Time. Millions of people are on these website to spend money.

For more Step-by-step Details on Day 14 click HERE

Day 15 YouTube

Create your first YouTube video today.

You can do one that is under 5 minutes.

People are busy & like short videos.

You can click HERE to use VIDDYOZE to create amazing professional videos in 3 clicks!

Or click HERE to use PREZENTAR to create videos in minutes with no technology knowledge needed!

Use today to research keywords, explore YouTube for trends, watch tutorials, etc.

You can even use Fiverr to hire others to create videos for you!
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 15 click HERE

Day 16 Articles

For passive income write articles such as “Top 10 Best Airfryers” etc with affiliate links to Amazon or Walmart that will be in Cyberspace forever!

You can also get Paid to Write Articles. Look over these sites that will pay you to write articles to earn some quick cash to cover any expenses you have while you build your Real Estate Empire! For more Step-by-step Details on Day 16 click HERE

Day 17
Coffee Mugs

Design coffee mugs & upload to Printify. Go on Amazon or Ebay for ideas of what is selling. Narrow down which products you like. Go on Canva & get creative! Design coffee mugs 1 time, they will be in Cyber Space forever to earn you recurring monthly commissions!
For more Step-by-step Details on Day 17 click HERE (coming soon)

Day 18 Announcements

Design Baby Announcements on canva. Upload to Etsy. Go on Etsy for ideas of what is selling. Narrow down which products you like. Go on Canva & get creative! You can connect them to Corjl to process the orders for you on AUTOPILOT. Design them 1 time, they will be in Cyber Space forever to earn you recurring monthly commissions!

For more Step-by-step Details on Day 18 click HERE

Day 19

PLR Books

Use PLR software to access ebooks that you don’t write but can earn commission on! Private Label and Resell ebooks can be it’s own source of passive income for you!

For more Step-by-step Details on Day 19 click HERE

Day 20

Create Designs

Today you will create designs to be added to tshirts, mugs, journals, daily planner, etc. Then you can upload the designs to Printify, Redbubble, and Amazon KDP. This will be something you can do long-term as new ideas pop in your head. Today try to create a few to get your started. Research what is selling first! Create them ONCE, sell them forever!

Day 21

Today you will focus on creating Wedding Announcements & Wedding Shower Invites on Canva. Then upload them to Corjl to process the orders for you through Etsy. Design them 1 time, they will be in Cyber Space forever to earn you recurring monthly commissions!

For more Step-by-step Details on Day 21 click HERE

Day 22

Today you will research jewelry sales and start designing through ShineOn.

You don’t actually design the jewelry. You just design the decorative card the jewelry lays on using Canva.

You can then link the design to your Etsy store, ebay, your website to earn high commissions.

You design it once.

Link it to Etsy, Ebay, & Website.

Collect Passive Income for Life!

For more Step-by-step Details on Day 22 click HERE

Day 23

Coloring Books

You can use Canva to create black and white coloring pages as a digital asset to sell on Etsy.

Digital downloads are great way to make passive income because there is no physical product so it is all profit.

It is free to create, free to upload to Etsy and only 0.20 to list on Etsy. You can create adult coloring pages or children’s coloring pages. Both have a lot of potential!

Be certain to use the Keyword Research Chart to see what sells before you start creating.

Here is a step-by-step VIDEO to create coloring pages for Etsy.

Day 24


Coaching will be something that you can focus on in the future once you finish the other areas we have covered.

As you go along your journey you are going to learn so much!

In order to do Coaching you don’t need to know everything.

You just need to be further along and know more than the person reaching out to you.

You can learn more about this later just keep it as a possible source of passive income for your portfolio!

Day 25-30

Today you will use the information above and focus on creating affiliate links, products, creating mini-courses, digital announcements, videos and work on the other projects above. By the end of the 30 days you should have a strong Electronic Real Estate Portolio of many forms of passive income set up!

Now you just need to:

Be Consistent.

Be Patient!

Day 31
Enjoy Your New Life!

Day 32

Have Fun!

Day 33+

Have Fun!

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