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20 Ways to Make Money Online

make money online

20 Ways to Make Money Online the Easy Way

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Are you ready to learn 20 Ways to Make Money Online and be able to work from anywhere in the World? You may be looking for ways to add to your income. Or you may want to replace your income! However, if you stay consistest and don’t give up you can replace your income. If you’ve been looking for passive income ideas to start making more money you’ve come to the right place. 

I had to learn on my own how to make money online. Most courses were hundreds or thousands of dollars. So I put my head down and figured it out myself! This free blog and website were created because I wish someone would have done that for me!

What is Passive Income?

Once you learn how to make money online, it can completely change your life. We are all going to earn money. Active income exchanges your time for money. However, passive income comes in if you “go to work” or stay home and enjoy your day. Be consistent and don’t quit. Then you can replace your active income with passive income.

It’s easy to get distracted and try a new thing every week. However, if you stay focused, it pays off in the long run. Don’t keep jumping to the next best thing. Follow a step-by-step plan and stay the course. Put the effort in up front. Then you can go live off passive income!

It is kind of link putting a puzzle together. Each day you just add another piece to the puzzle. Put several sources of passive income in place. Create more streams and earn more passive income.

What if you couldn’t go in to earn your usual active income? As a single mom, that would have been a huge problem for me! The more and more pieces you add, the more relaxed you can feel.

We have looked at what passive income is. Now let’s look at the positives of earning passive income, smart passive income ideas, best passive income ideas for students, and work from home ideas for stay at home moms.

Skip down if you’re ready to get started on your new adventure to completely replace your income!

How can I earn passive income online?

There are many ways to earn passive income online. Some methods are free, some are cheap and others are expensive. I found it was best to have a combination of sources. Earning passive income from multiple sources gives you the benefits of each option.

It’s easy to get lost in the giant maze of information of opportunities available. That is where I was. When I decided to quit looking for the Magic Bullet and just start creating smaller puzzle pieces toward my goal~everything changed!

It took me time. It took me some money to get it going. However, I am going to share all of the FREE or cheap ways I used to start earning money online.

It can take time and/or money to start on some passive income ideas, but trust me when I tell you, it is worth it.

Is is hard to make money online?

Some passive income takes just initial setup. Other passive income is completely hands off like interest on a saving account. Some passive income needs occassional social media posts. The more sources you have the more income you can make!

What are the best passive income ideas? 

Earning passive income is exciting! When you get your first check it’s euphoric!

Each of the ways below have benefits and drawbacks. Combine many sources of passive income to make the best picture for your future. Each income stream is a new puzzle piece for you. Each piece will move you closer to your goal to replace your active income with passive income.

Next, let look at 20 sources of Passive Income to jumpstart your goals:

    • Sell Digital Assets you did not create. This method was the Fastest method I made money online. If you have a little bit of extra money to get started I recommend starting here

    • Affiliate marketing-This is a free method but can take a little longer. Write blogs or articles using Bluehost for $3 a month. Then add in Affiliate links to the articles or blog posts. Use this free step-by-step blog post on Affliiate Links to guide you! Go to JVZOO or clickbanks to get personalized affiliate links and start making money! Go here for big jumpstart on Affliliate marketing to get started faster.
    • More Passive Income Ideas
    •  Write Product Reviews– This is a cheap method. Initally you may need to buy products to create a portfolio of box opening reveals. You may need camera equiptment but usually a smart phone will work intially. You can become a Content Creator and not even need to show your face or have a following. UGC content creators film short videos that companies can use in their marketing on their own platforms. They then pay you for the content you create. You can also go to Fiverr to set up your account and get started as a product reviewer. Receive free products and get paid to review them! Once you build up the orders, you can just be the middle person and hire others to do the active work.

    • Make a huge passive affiliate income providing Software that makes marketing much easier for businesses to save them time and money using Presenter

    • Sell digital products created on Canva and sold on Etsy using such as baby announcements, weddings, grocery lists, inspirational quotes, etc

    • Write a book or Ebook-Use Bookbolt or Scribble to create multiple books and ebooks one time and generate a life-time of passive income.

Passive Income Streams from home

    • Design Tshirts: Use Canva to design tshirts and upload them to printify You can then sell them on Etsy or Redbubble. Post 3-5 Pins on Pinterest each daily to get free advertising!

    • Create computerized Voiceovers for Videos or text for business owners using Speechelo It’s all automated so you do almost no work and can make big bucks doing this for busy business owner who don’t have Speechelo!

    • Earn tons of passive income generating traffic to your website and blog using this Traffic Booster and send traffic to other businesses for a fee

    • Pay off your debt to save on credit card interest. Put all of your monthly expenses on your card and earn cash rewards for stuff you are going to pay anyway!

    • Dividends-you can buy portions of stocks slowly each month and be sure to select ones that pay out dividends to create long-term passive income.

    • Earn cash back websites such as Rakuten or Swagbucks

    • Rent out your car-you can use Turo or Getaround to earn passive income when you don’t need your car

    • Sell Pictures make money with passive income from uploading photography of flowers, cityscapes, objects, etc and get paid anytime someone uses one of the pictures with this website

    • Do Social Media Marketing for Businesses: List the service on Fiverr then hire others to do the marketing work

    • Get paid just to read emails on Volutic while you watch TV!

    • Rent out a room in your home-There are a lot of college students and people trying to save money. This makes this option win-win for both of you! Use this cash to create other passive income sources.

    • Get paid for Writing simple Content using this high-paying program then hire out a third party to reap passive income


In conclusion, you have learned 20 ways to make money online. There are many ways to make passive income and these are some of the best. You just need to do one puzzle piece at a time. Before you know it your different slices of passive income will replace your active income