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Day 15 Create YouTube Video

Create your first YouTube videos today.

You can do one that is under 5 minutes.

People are busy & like short videos.

You can click HERE to use VIDDYOZE to create amazing professional videos in 3 clicks!

Or click HERE to use PREZENTAR to create videos in minutes with no technology knowledge needed!

Use today to research keywords, explore YouTube for trends, watch tutorials, etc.

A great first video is an explainer video.

Pick a software or product you like and that has an affiliate commision and just explain in simple terms how to use it.

Show you screen only if you are camera shy.

Or do a comparison video of 2 products and link to them in the description.

Create quality videos that you would want to watch.

You can earn money from adding affiliate links, including a product comparisions or features in your video, and paid advertisers that pay per view once your channel takes off.

You can even use Fiverr to hire others to create videos for you!

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