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Day 3 Funnels

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Build Your Funnel


The only thing you will do today is set up your funnel to start gathering your leads on autopilot so you can go enjoy your life!

Go to GROOVEPAGES to set up your FREE funnel.

This will put an all-inclusive system in place to capture all of your leads. 

Or create a FREE funnel using it has less features but is a good start!
***Your funnel and subscriber list will eventually became one of your most VALUABLE assets!

To watch a step-bystep video on setting up Groovepages click on the link.

To watch a step-bystep video on setting up click Here

You will then add general text, but don’t add much yet as it will change as you move through the 30 days.

Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t give up. You only have to do this ONCE then you are set up for life!

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