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Day 4 YouTube Setup

positive affirmations

Create a YouTube Channel

You will not be creating videos today.

You will just be setting up your YouTube channel.

You will use this YouTube to later add videos that you can add your affiliate links or product info to.

You can even link your auto-poster to your YouTube channel and it will post videos for you on autopilot!

(more on that later)

To watch a step-bystep video on setting up a YouTube channel click on the link.

That is one of his first videos, by I highly recommend the Smart Money Tactics channel for all kinds of step-by-step ideas!

Right now you are just selecting a GENERAL name for your YouTube Channel (like ChangeYourLife) that will allow you to add content later.

You will add the text/description later. Right now you are setting up your channel to use later. In the future, you can add affiliate links to your explainer videos

that tells the benefits/drawbacks of a product, do a comparison video between 2 products with links to Amazon or Walmart for affiliate commission or other videos that ads can be placed on!

PRO TIP: Upload ALL of your Videos as as PRIVATE first! This gives YouTube a chance to check for Copyright Infridgement. You would be surprised how many TikTok repurposed videos have copyright music violations on YouTube. They will Permanantly BAN your channel (yep, I learned the hard way) if you don’t use this tip and you get too many copyright violations. They banned my first account after only 3 even though I immediately deleted the videos. After I began doing it this way on a new channel I have not had any problems. I create the Tiktok, then save it in google drives, then use the Magic Tool to upload it without the watermark to YouTube as Private. Once it passes the check I make it public. On your YouTube Channel just click on: Settings, Upload Defaults, Visibility: Private, Save!

Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t give up. You only have to do this ONCE then the videos will be there for forever and you are set up for life!

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