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Day 5 Etsy

Create an Etsy Store

You will not be designing the whole store today. You will just set up the store to be ready for your future designs!

To watch a step-bystep video on setting up your Etsy store, just click HERE

Right now you are just creating your store and selecting a GENERAL name for your Etsy store (like ChangeYourLife) that will allow you to add content later.

Be sure to select a General Name for your Etsy store so that you can add a variety of things to it. If you name it MyBabyAnnouncements it won’t make sense later to add Tshirts, mugs, digital items etc. Select something General like “MyCreations”.

To watch a step-by-step video on Creating an Etsy Listing, just click HERE

You will add the text/description later. Right now you are setting up your store to use later.

Tomorrow you will link your new Etsy store to your new Printify store to automatically list the tshirt, mug, journal, digital products, etc you will be creating on Days 6-30.

Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t give up. You only have to do this ONCE then you are set up for life!

In Day 6-30 you will be creating digital assets like Tshirts, mugs, coloring books, planners, etc that you will be listing on your Etsy store and in other places.

Tips & Tricks:

To make your Etsy Store successful, you can go on and find keywords that are HIGH in Search Volume, but LOW in Etsy competition.

To watch a Step-by-step Video on Using Erank to find Etsy keywords and Optimize your listings just click HERE

Do not sit back and wait for Etsy to sell your items. You can bring traffic to your Etsy store for FREE by using Canva to create Pins for Pinterest that will send people to your Etsy Store.

Here is what I do:

  1. Go on Canva, create MOCKUPS (pictures of people using your product/book/shirt/mug) of your products. You can purchase professional mockups on Etsy or create your own.
  2. Then go on Pinterest, create a Business Account if you haven’t, then click on Idea Pin. Upload 19 mockups featuring a different one each time you create an Idea Pin. Then create a Mockup that has your website or Etsy store info on it with a picture of a Gift or something cute and include that with each Idea Pin (You can have 20 pics with each Idea Pin.)

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