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Day 1 Fast Track

Make money online

Fast Track

If you have not done so, you can first set up the FAST TRACK method by clicking HERE

The Fast Cash Method is a Business in a Box & gave me a high ticket affiliate digital product the very next day. However, the entry point is low so it appeals to everyone and made it easy for me to get in profit quickly. 100% of the commission is yours from day 1. The Fast Track Method is a one-time fee upfront but with NO monthly fees which took a lot of pressure off me!

The majority of the rest of the digital assets you will create on Day 2-30 are free or cheap to create. Skip to Day 2 if you want to start with designing your own digital assets.

Once you finish setting up the Fast Track Step-by-Step Method, you will just wait 24-48 for them to set up your website & link your paypal buttons so you can get paid! You don’t need to talk to anyone if you don’t want to, they are just purchasing a digital asset like you. However, once they make their purchase your only “job” will be to send them the welcome email with their link to their purchase. That’s it!

So what do I do each day to run my online business?

You will just take your first 30 minutes a day & follow the step-by-step instructions in the Fast Track Method to drive traffic to your Fast Track digital asset website. However, you can do it the way that works best for you. Need a day off or just feeling lazy? No problem! You are your own boss take as many days off as you want 🙂

But here is what I do & it takes less than 10 minutes a day!

My Method: I focus on Tiktok, I just create 3 short 6-15 second videos a day and THEN I use a tool to set it up on AUTOPILOT (click the blue word to set it up) to automatically turn my 1 video into 6 by AUTO-POSTING it as an Pinterest Idea Pin, IG reel, YouTube Short, Facebook Reel, Twitter post & Tiktok video! It’s literally like magic and changed everything for me. Click HERE to set it up and put the Fast Track Method virtually on autopilot! You can post the video manually on the 6 platforms it just drastically reduced how much time I have to spend on marketing. I love and prefer to spend my time on creating digital assets and seeing the beautiful things I can create or just spending my time enjoying my life!

You can just do the Fast Track Method shown on Day 1 and be done.

This is the simplest method, but it does only give you 1 high ticket pre-built digital asset.

Go to Day 2 if you want MORE digital assets and to build an Electronic Real Estate Portfolio of multiple digital assets.

Pro Tip #1

Want to create the videos fast?! I use the App CapCut and just upload pictures or videos of my life then add words over the video Capcut creates for me. Download CapCut to your phone. Then click on Autocut and upload some pictures or videos from your phone. Capcut will create a bunch of cool video options and then you just upload them to TikTok. Then, if you use the Magic tool, the tool will autopost your video from 1 video onto 6 platforms! All that only took less than 5 minutes of work on my end.

Pro Tip #2

Not sure how to create videos? Don’t want to show your face? Use Ghost Marketing!

Select pictures or video from your phone and upload to CapCut or Tiktok.

Here’s some ideas, just put words over videos with one of these scenes in the background:


–colorful food

–typing on a keyboard

–coffee cups with inspirational sayings


–a visit to the ice cream shop, park, events

–doing arts, crafts, swirling paint


–walking / working out

–even cleaning!

Pro Tip #3

Pair the video with a Viral Sound by searching “viral sounds” on TikTok.

Creators get paid to push certain sounds and trends so they are more likely to go viral fast.

Pro Tip #4: How to not get your TikTok account restricted

–Actually read the community guidelines.

–Do not promise anything. You have not idea if people are going to put the work in so you can’t promise they will make $300 a day.

–Do not show proof of earnings

–Do not give your website in your video (Just add the link to your profile)

DAY 2-30

If you want to do More than the Fast Track Method, you can continue on to the Day 2-30 to create many digital assets that will be yours the rest of your life. Most are Free to create! Most can be done in 1 day and then potentially produce income forever!

These other digital assets may be slower to generate income but you will create them ONE TIME and then they can create a life-time of income.

Go to Day 2 to proceed.