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You can stop after Day 1 and focus on one high ticket digital asset.

Or you can proceed and create a full Electronic Digital Real Estate Portfolio filled with a variety of assets.

To Proceed:

Create a second website (different than the Fast Cash site you created) that will contain all of your pieces of Electronic Real Estate

that you are going to be creating the next month by just going HERE to create your website by selecting a pre-built theme.

This second website will be your Central Spot for all your other Pieces of Electronic Real Estate you are about to create & you can add a link to the Daily Pay Site that you just created with the Fast Track Method. Then you will only have ONE website to direct traffic to.

You will add everything you create on Day 2-30 to this second website PLUS a link to your Daily Pay Site your created on the Fast Track Method.

Don’t over-think it. Keep it simple for now and add to it as we go.

Be a good Human and don’t steal my ideas 🙂 Create your Own & have fun with it!

I just used a done-for you template website on Siteground and then just chose my colors and added my products over time.
(You can also create a site with Bluehost if you prefer)

Get Started:

  1. Pick a Domain name on Select a GENERAL website name like that will allow you to put a variety of things like living healthy, making money, etc. This will cost about $12/year. I don’t add any of the upgrades but you can if you want.
  2. Then go to Siteground or Bluehost to Set up your website by selecting a pre-built template. You don’t need to do much today–you will ADD each piece of electronic real estate to your website each day. This will create a CENTRAL SPOT so you only have to promote one site not individual products.

3. Design Your Site using Free Images from or your own pictures. Don’t do much today just get it set up. Then you can add your pieces of Electronic Real Estate to it as you go.

4. You will then add the FAST CASH Website link to this Central Site. So for example if your fast cash site was you can put a picture you got from Pexels of money on your Central site with a link that takes them to your Fast Cash Website (ex: That is why you want a GENERAL name for your second Website (like Then you can put links to a variety of things like the Fash Cash Digital Asset, Ebooks, tshirts, fitness, coffee, mugs, coloring books, other digital assets, etc.

5.You will also be able to write POSTS on your website and add your affiliate links for free traffic.

You will now have one Central Website to advertise.

Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t give up. You only have to do this ONCE then you are set up for life!

Whether it takes you 1 month or 6 months, it’s just time. Just don’t quit!

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Nothing contained on this website should be construed as a promise of income and no guarantees are made. Your results will depend on your work.