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Make Money Online from the Comfort of Home

Are you desperately searching for Real Ways you can Make Money Online? 

 Let’s look at 10 real life ways you can actually start making cash, up to $200 per day, every day! This article gives you a mix of fast ways to earn cash as well as more long-term ways to build Electronic Real Estate to create multiple streams of passive income that come in while you sleep the rest of your life!

#1 Go to Let’s look at some absolutely Free ways you can make money on this site! On this website, you can make quick cash for doing simple tasks. You can use your voice to read scripts and do simple voice overs. If you speak a language fluently, you can make a lot of money recording your own voice reading scripts for people who need videos in your language. For recording 1000 words, you can make over $500! On Fiverr, you can even make money for drawing if your artistic, or playing guitar or piano. You can make money for removing backgrounds from photos for people by just going to  Or you can go to and create cool YouTube Thumbnails or Social Media Posts to sell on  You can even get the BeFunky App which allows you to upload any picture, and it will turn it into a cartoon drawing for you! You can sell this service on Fiverr to pet owners, instagram personalities, or people wanting fun holiday cards.

(This article contains affiliate links and we may earn a commission if you click on one. Thank you So much for helping us stay home with our children! We are hear to help you Fulfill Your Dreams~reach out!)

Those are all awesome free ways to make Quick Cash on Fiverr

#2 Get Vidnami. This is one of the coolest, fastest ways to create unlimited YouTube videos or promo videos for every product you want an affiliate commission for. The software is literally magic! It has thousands of video clips already built in and uses AI technology to create awsome videos for you just based on the text you add! You just paste a script of text on any topic into the software. (Find a cool article or product) The intelligent software then uses highly advanced A I technology to select from thousands of video scenes and creates videos for you in minutes. You can add music, have a human like voice read your script, or even record your own voice. You can quickly upload them to YouTube, or use them to promote your Clickbanks products to earn affliate commissions. Create the video one time. Post it. Make passive income indefinately the rest of your life!

#3 Go to YouTube. You can make money on Youtube in several ways. You can make money directly through Youtube by getting monetized once you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. But way sooner than that, you can make money by linking to merchandise that you create. You can also earn a lot of money by linking to other people products and earning affiliate commissions from doing so! The greatest thing about earning money on YouTube is that it is passive income. Yes, it may take you a few hours to create a video–but then you are done! That one video can earn money for you the rest of your life! 

Stop watching TV every night and take a few hours and invest into yourself. Each video you create, is an Electronic Piece of Real Estate! If you only do 1 video per week, you will have 52 videos by the end of the year that will be in CyberSpace Forever. The more you do, the more chances you have to generate future passive income!

Get Your YouTube Videos ranked on the 1st page fast with Videly this amazing software creates the YouTube description and Titles for you in order to get ranked quickly! The software researches every keyword for you and shows you which long-tail keywords you can rank high fast on. This gives your videos an amazing edge to get ranked fast!

#4  Go to This website allow you to “audition” to get paid to read books or articles and do voice overs. Earn fast cash doing  something as simple as reading! You also have the chance to elect to receive long-term royalties on all of the sales of the audio books that you record. You’re a Star!

#5 Create a Kindle Ebook. There is amazing new software that practically writes Ebooks for you so you can produce them fast!  The software is called Scribble You can make several ebooks in less than a week! The software creates the Ebook professional book cover, finds content for you, and even formats it!This will take you less than a week. E-books can be short. And it will be another piece of Electronic Real Estate in your portfolio. You create it once, and then it’s in CyberSpace forever able to make passive income for you while you sleep. Everybody knows something that other people don’t. You may be great at fly-fishing, putting on make-up, cleaning, accounting, cooking, fashion, weight lifting, making a marriage work, hiking, playing tennis, parenting, or creating simple, fast dinners! If you’ve ever bought an ebook, somebody just earned a commission. Why not have it be you!

Do you think writing an ebook sounds too hard? No problem! Tough it out for a few weeks then sit back and never do another one. Use the software, create a bunch of ebooks fast, while you watch TV. This creates long-term Electronic Real Estate Empire in a matter of weeks that can generate income the rest of your life!

You can find free videos and tutorials on YouTube that will teach you the basics on kindle ebooks. If you use the software it is very user friendly and pretty much does everything for you.

Some people make over $100,000 publishing Kindle e-books on Amazon!

#6 Clickbank is a marketplace that allows you to earn commissions on hundreds of products. You can write an article in one evening, and then for the rest of your life, it will be yet another piece of Electronic Real Estate that will be around forever. Just create a clickbank account and select a product like “The Smoothie Diet” to help people lose weight or  Sqribble the software that creates Ebooks using A I technology. Another great clickbank product is Speechelo, which is A I intelligent software, that takes pages of writing, and instantly turns them into audio with Human Sounding Voices! Convert any text into AudioBooks! Some Clickbank products pay you up to 75% commission! Just talk about their product on chat boards, write an article or blogs, create a YouTube video about the product, or post answers on question boards like or 

Clickbank usually pays much higher commissions than Amazon which allows you to earn money faster with less work!

If you use this link to get Vidnami, you can create beautiful videos in minutes just using google reviews about the Clickbank products. Just drop the text of the article text into Vidnami, and it will practically create the video for you! Then upload the video to YouTube and you can get paid by Clickbank as well as by Youtube! Win! Win!

#7 make money playing video games online in your free time! If you are a gamer, why not get paid for doing what you are going to do anyway?

#8 GMR Can you Type? Earn over $1000 a month in your spare time just transcribing and typing. As long as you have a computer and internet this is a super simple way to make extra cash!

#9 ShutterStock. Basically shutter stock is a platform where you can buy or sell digital media. If your great at taking pictures, creating music, or recording videos this is a simple way to create passive income. Create your clip, upload it, and your done! It’s out there ready to make you money with no additional work on your part! 

Every time someone purchases one of your pictures, music, or videos you uploaded, you get paid a commission. The trick to making a lot of money with shutter stock is to consistently keep uploading high quality images.

#10 Go to  Do you like pets? Rover is a dog sitting service, that pays you just for dog sitting! 

You can make up to $100 a night, just by watching someone’s dog!

You can literally make hundreds of dollars a week by just babysitting someone’s pet.

If your a dog lover, this is a no-brainer for easy money!

#11 Go to Take lessons is a website where you can teach

any skill. Everyone has a skill, that they can teach, whether that might be, teaching someone a

language, how to cook, how to play a musical instrument, how to solve complex math equations…

any so much more. Anything that you think someone else might not know, you can teach people on takelessons, and start making money.

#12 Go to  Click Career–click Online Proof-reading Jobs corrects grammar errors. But wait! You don’t even have to be good at grammar. There is absolutely Free software you can us to do this for you! Earn up to $10 per page and some articles are 20 pages long, that’s $200! Just copy the article and paste it into the software!  Just click apply for job and select Proof Reading to get started. Be sure to select “Employed” and “Freelancer” when you fill out the application to get the most possible opportunities. Then all you have to do is go to or and paste the text into the box. The bot will practically do the work for you!

Let’s looks at some sites you can get paid daily for your work!

#13 Go to to just listen to music transcript the song! Go to the site, and click Jobs and select Lyrics Associates. Apply of the Job. Get started!

#14 Go to Insta.GC.  Get paid for watching videos and taking surveys. 

#15 Go to TextBot.AI they have a software that can pays you $100 commissions 

#16 Go to Just listen to videos and type out what you hear!

#17 Go to SuperPayMe Watch Videos and take surveys and get paid! 

#18 Make Money Charging up Electric Scooters! Make up to $200 per day! Go to Lime and Bird scooter rental websites to download the app. This will show you where scooters are that need charging. Just go to Join & Charge Scooters to get started. The companies will send you the chargers to get started.

Please let us know which country you are seeing this from so we know how to create articles and videos to help you in the future!

With that said, thank you for reading and remember: Every Day is a New Chance to Become Who You Want to Be!